Lush Acres Floor Plans

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Lush Acres Floor Plans :: Showflat Layouts & Features

The design of Lush Acres bears the CDL hallmarks of thought and attention to detail. Layouts are functional and efficient, with little wasted space. No bay windows. No home shelters. Rooms are not too small.

On top of that, Lush Acres is introducing some pretty nifty features that make it really unique among the ECs. Some of these features can be seen in the Showflats.


Lush Acres Floor Plans

Lush Acres EC Floor Plans :: 4 Bedroom Showflat with Balcony Entrance

This layout features a balcony entrance concept for selected units, a first for executive condos. You enter your unit via the balcony which also serves as an extension of the living and dining rooms, like in landed homes.

Many of these units also enjoy dual facings, with 2 frontages, which allows cross-ventilation.


Lush Acres Floor Plans :: 3 Bedroom

Lush Acres Floor Plans :: 3 Bedroom Suite Showflat with PES and Sunken Alcove

The 3 bedroom showflat showcases a ground floor unit with PES (Private Enclosed Space). What is unique about this layout is the extraordinarily high 4.5m ceiling height throughout the unit. With such a high ceiling, there’re lots you can do with it. Nice sense of spaciousness and airiness too.

But there are only 8 such units, so you have to be quick!



Lush Acres is completely sold out, and applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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